Webinar with Modern Sales Pros: How to Win in the New Age of Digital Selling

Tue September 26, 2023 | 9:00 ‑ 10:00 AM (PDT)


About the Session

Organizations have entered a new age of selling – one unlike any other. Today’s sellers are dealing with large buying committees, tight budgets, executive decision makers, and overwhelmed buyers. Reps are feeling the pressure to close deals faster and are struggling to meet quota. How do you grow your business amid these headwinds? Watch this exclusive webinar with guest speakers Graham Younger, President and Head of Field Operations at Highspot, Mark Kosoglow, CRO at Catalyst and Ben Pearson, Head of Sales & GTM at Navattic where they’ll discuss insights from more than 120 chief revenue officers, including:
  • Today’s top sales challenges and goals
  • How to accelerate rep productivity through sales enablement
  • How to optimize the sales tech stack to drive business results
  • Why a people-first culture is crucial to maximize revenue growth

Watch this webinar today to learn how you can accelerate sales rep productivity with sales enablement.

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Graham Younger



As the President of Field Operations at Highspot, Graham is at the helm of propelling revenue growth, ensuring customer satisfaction, and fostering operational excellence across the go-to-market organization. Prior to this, he served as the President and Chief Customer Officer at Cast & Crew, and also held the position of Vice President of Operations at Box. Graham brings over two decades of expertise in driving profitable and predictable growth for prominent SaaS enterprises worldwide.

Mark Kosoglow



Mark Kosoglow is the Chief Revenue Officer of Catalyst Software. He previously worked at Outreach as a Senior Vice President Of Global Sales.

Ben Pearson

Head of Sales


Ben currently holds the position of Head of Sales & Go-to-Market (GTM) at Navattic, building on his prior experience in sales with roles at both Front and Square.

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