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ImageHow Content Governance Creates GTM Alignment

How Content Governance Creates GTM Alignment

Nearly half of buyers report that they will not buy from sellers who share misleading information about a product. This can be especially damaging if your company launches its go-to-market strategy targeting new customers by chipping away at trust. At its core, content governance is an organization’s ability to manage and control its content. The […]

ImageDriving Behavior Change Amid the Evolving Buyer Experience

Driving Behavior Change Amid the Evolving Buyer Experience

The digital era we live and work in permeates the decisions we make throughout the day. For many sales professionals, one of the joys of working with customers is demonstrating how to buy confidently while leaving the customer satisfied, where they know even more about your company’s value than before. But we continue to see […]

ImageGathering Insights on What Works to Optimize Content

Gathering Insights on What Works to Optimize Content

The environmental factors that reps encounter are changing every day. From competitive activity to mergers and acquisitions and more, the market is constantly evolving, and reps need to be adequately prepared to react and adapt to these changes. This is why having a robust content strategy is essential: to ensure your reps can confidently and […]

ImageHow to Use Sales Play Scorecards to Improve Impact

How to Use Sales Play Scorecards to Improve Impact

Sales Plays offer all of the not-so-secret ingredients that power a rep’s ability to communicate effectively with their buyer. Plays are crucial in documenting and structuring the information and knowledge needed to move through a customer’s journey from prospect to closed-won status. At Synthego, our team has used Sales Plays to support our significant launches […]

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