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ImageEpisode 11: Understanding the Science of Behavior Change

Episode 11: Understanding the Science of Behavior Change

Driving behavior change can be inherently challenging. Research shows that B2B sales reps forget 70% of the information they learn within a week of training, and even worse, 87% of that knowledge is forgotten within a month of training. So how can you drive lasting behavior change among sales reps through learning programs? We have […]

ImageFormalizing Your Approach to Enablement

Formalizing Your Approach to Enablement

One throughline becomes clear when it comes to empowering reps with the tools they need to close more deals: a formal approach to enablement. Understanding how to strategize and structure your enablement function to be reliable and consistent across revenue-facing teams can help garner more predictable and sustainable wins for your entire organization. Whether you’re […]

ImageEpisode 10: Best Practices to Reinforce Behavior Change

Episode 10: Best Practices to Reinforce Behavior Change

Driving behavior change in a sales organization can be notoriously difficult, and yet, it is critical to keep pace with buyer needs. It requires not only training your reps on the right behaviors but also coaching them to demonstrate those behaviors effectively with buyers. In fact, research from Sales Enablement PRO found that when behavior […]

ImageIntegrating Your Sales Methodology Into Learning Programs

Integrating Your Sales Methodology Into Learning Programs

Implementing an effective sales methodology can often be seen as the backbone of any successful sales organization. With the purpose of a sales methodology being to instill a clear philosophy on how to communicate a sales process that reps can easily follow, it can help define how a salesperson should engage with the sales cycle […]

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