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Spark Innovation: An Era of Independence – Reach Defiant Buyers Through Digital Sales Rooms

Research proves that 33% of buyers prefer a rep-free experience.

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Spark Innovation: Scale Your Sales Coaching With AI – Make Every Rep a Star Player

Today, tougher selling conditions, reduced headcount, and high turnover are making sales coaching more critical than ever to drive productivity.

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Spark Innovation: Reclaim Your Time – Unlocking Productivity Through AI

On average, 32% of employees’ time is spent on work that doesn’t contribute to company goals and hinders productivity.

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Spark Efficiency: Enablement Tech Assessment Tool

Tech Consolidation Is Becoming A Business Necessity

94% of leaders are planning on consolidating their sales enablement tech stacks. With a unified, well-integrated tech stack, you can streamline sales efforts, drive rep productivity, and boost business results.

Curious what consolidating your enablement tech stack can do for you? Enter a few details about your company’s current tech stack landscape, and we’ll show you how consolidation impacts your bottom line.

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ImageBuilding a Winning Training and Coaching Strategy

Building a Winning Training and Coaching Strategy

Buyer demands are growing exponentially. Reps are expected to keep pace — even when they’re already struggling to find time for the activities that matter. “Sellers are tired,” said Natasha Luyt, global director of sales enablement at NTT. “They don’t know where to go, what to do, or how to make their numbers.” It’s a […]

ImageEpisode 72: Streamlining Workflows With a Consolidated Tech Stack

Episode 72: Streamlining Workflows With a Consolidated Tech Stack

Research from Gartner found that 91% of sales leaders reported that finding relevant content and tools for reps is a struggle without a dedicated enablement platform. So how can you simplify the rep experience with a unified platform? Shawnna Sumaoang: Hi, and welcome to the Win Win Podcast. I’m your host, Shawnna Sumaoang. Join us […]

ImageCrafting Impactful Training That Lasts

Crafting Impactful Training That Lasts

Sales training: It’s a notoriously challenging task for any enablement team to tackle. Yet, when done right, it’s the key to rep success and, therefore, to unlocking essential business outcomes. Sure, crafting an impactful, long-lasting training program is easier said than done. But with sales training technology — like Highspot’s Training & Coaching — moving […]

ImageDriving Innovation: Key Takeaways From the Discover Webcast

Driving Innovation: Key Takeaways From the Discover Webcast

When change is the only constant, it is essential to not only recognize the evolution of your business but to evolve with it. This requires a commitment to innovation. As your team’s strategies evolve to enable the impossible and meet your goals, so should the technology you use to achieve them. Highspot Discover, our Spring […]



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